Flamingo Las Vegas

Standard House Chip
Identical Front/Back
Casino dropped Hilton name when Hilton spun off Park Place
Identical Front/Back

Flamingo Las Vegas

3555 Las Vegas Boulevard South
Las Vegas, Nevada 89109

   Park Place Entertainment Corporation [PPE]

A Little About Flamingo Las Vegas
The original Flamingo, built in 1946 by casino pioneer and reputed gangster "Bugsy" Siegel, is considered by many to be the model from which modern casino gambling evolved. The Flamingo has been renovated and expanded repeatedly since its early days, and now boasts 3,642 rooms. Because of the way the hotel has grown, it's not particularly well laid out. Some of the rooms are a five minute walk from the elevators.

The casino at Flamingo, while not large by the standards of Caesar's or Bellagio, contains all of the slots, video poker and table games you'd expect to find. The Flamingo is known for its sports book, which features many attractive betting options and low vigs during football season.

The chip on the left is the house chip current used at Flamingo. The chip on the right is an obsolete chip used before Hilton Hotels spun off all of its gaming properties into Park Place Entertainment.

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