Binion's Horseshoe Club

Standard House Chip
Identical Front/Back
25 Cent House Chip from the Craps Table
Identical Front/Back

Binion's Horseshoe Club

128 East Fremont Street
Las Vegas, Nevada 89101

   Becky Binion Behnen

A Little About Binion's Horseshoe Club
Las Vegas locals will tell you that Binion's Horseshoe is about the last place left where you can experience what Las Vegas was like before the entertainment conglomerates took over, back when it was the mob-controlled sin capital of the U.S. The Horseshoe's 60,000 square foot casino is dark and smoky. It is a premier destination for serious gamblers who don't want to be distracted by obnoxious rich kids, children or stupid clowns. The Poker Room at the Horseshoe is hallowed ground for real players. Every year, the World Series of Poker is played there. Beginners who venture into it will be picked cleaner than a Thanksgiving Turkey in a room full of wild dogs.

Aside from the gambling, the steak house at the Horseshoe is consistently rated among the best in Las Vegas, but at a fraction of the cost of swanky places on the Strip.

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